Where to Buy Microdose Mushrooms Online

The psychedelic mushroom industry is booming, despite federal prohibition. San Francisco passed a resolution last year calling for police to deprioritize the arrest of adult mushroom users, and state Sen. Scott Wiener has a bill (SB 58) that would legalize mushrooms, along with DMT and ibogaine, in early 2025. But this won’t change the fact that mushroom products remain in a legal limbo, untaxed and unregulated. A search for “Galaxy Labs” yields a veterinary diagnostics firm, a woke-sounding VR manufacturer, and the Instagram page of a spore supplier that posts wondrous images of mushroom spores glowing under ultraviolet light. Learn more thirdeyemicrodose.com

Online sellers are taking advantage of this legal gray area. Many offer mushrooms in a variety of forms, including dried and infused. Some offer a full range of edibles, from psilocybin chocolate bars to psychedelic gummies, while others focus on delivering microdoses, the practice of consuming sub-perceptual amounts of a psychedelic drug.

Where to Buy Microdose Mushrooms: Finding Reliable Sources

While some of these companies are reputable, others fall into the trap of selling unregulated drugs and misrepresenting their products. To avoid falling prey to these scams, be sure to read reviews and choose a vendor that follows good manufacturing practices. Also be aware that a seller may face legal action when sending a package with illegal substances to a customer, so it’s best to use a discreet shipping address and only order from companies that clearly label their products. A good place to start is Schedule35, a reputable website that sells a wide range of psilocybin mushrooms in the US and Canada.

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