Football News – Live Matches, Scores, Highlights, and More From the Beautiful Game

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Spectacular long-range goals have lit up Euro 2024. They go against the principles of analytics now guiding the sport – but maybe that’s a good thing, writes Adam Bate.

New Orleans Saints star running back Saquon Barkley has moved to the Philadelphia Eagles. He joins a host of other players changing teams in the NFL offseason. Plus, we dig into why the NFL’s concussion crisis isn’t killing off the sport’s popularity — and what Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad really means.

Transfer Window Recap: Biggest Deals and Surprises

Calais Campbell is reportedly set to sign with the Miami Dolphins for his 17th NFL season. The former Carolina Panthers linebacker is one of the league’s best special teams performers.

Gareth Southgate insists he is not oblivious to external assessments of England’s performances at Euro 2024. Gary Lineker and ex-England captain Phil Neville have criticised the Three Lions for a lack of goals and creativity.

Colleges will be allowed to directly pay athletes as part of a legal settlement involving the NCAA and Power 5 conferences. CBS Sports’ Laine Higgins has more on the changes ahead.

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