Spray Foam Insulation – Pros and Cons

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Spray foam insulation in Newport, NY is a premium product that homeowners choose to invest in because it helps them reduce energy costs. It creates an air seal that prevents the flow of heat or cold from entering a home and also stops leaks from escaping. It’s a very effective form of insulation that is also fire retardant and meets or exceeds most national energy codes. Spray foam insulation can be sprayed in wall cavities, crawl spaces, on roof tiles, under basement slabs and around footings. It can be used in new construction or as a retrofit for existing homes.

The type of spray foam that homeowners choose depends on their home and climate. Open and closed-cell spray foam are available and both have their pros and cons. Closed-cell spray foam has a greater insulating value than open-cell. It’s also physically stronger and more resistant to moisture.

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Both open and closed-cell spray foam are made of polyurethane, which consists of liquid chemical components that react at the tip of the spray gun to create plastic foam. The spray gun is then positioned over the area where insulation needs to be applied and the trigger is pulled. The resulting foam expands to fill the nooks and crannies of the space and creates an air and vapor barrier that is very effective at insulating.

For many homeowners, spray foam insulation is a smart investment for their home and has saved them money on energy costs and improved the comfort of their living space. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of this product and consider any potential consequences if a homeowner decides to sell their home in the future. Lenders have been known to lower a mortgage valuation if they discover that a property has spray foam insulation, and it can be very expensive to remove the material.

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